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This directory contains the files to print pages in PmWiki for ?action=print.
This is a template just like any other layout skin, except that for
?action=print PmWiki looks for print.tmpl instead of screen.tmpl.

==>Don't edit these files directly, as you may lose your edits the
next time you upgrade PmWiki!

Instead, copy the files to another directory in pub/skins/ and edit
them there.  You can then configure PmWiki to use your modified layout
files by setting $ActionSkin['print'] to the name of your new skin.
For example, if you copy your custom print skin to pub/skins/custom, 
then you would set
   $ActionSkin['print'] = 'custom';
in local/config.php.

The files in this directory:
    print.tmpl    -- the default template for ?action=print
    print.css     -- the print template's css
    print.php     -- loaded when the skin is loaded, it redefines the link
                     formats to a form better suited for printing
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