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Lise Blomberg Andersen: Neighbours at the Outskirts >
Jeremy Blake: Sucking in the Seventies >
Copenhagen Free University: Posters and Propaganda from the Copenhagen Free University 2001-2007 >
Werner von Delmont: Corporate Rokoko and the End of the Civic Project >
Anja Franke: Installations >
Henriette Heise: A Room of One's Own
Henriette Heise: Skuffer/Drawers + Lommer/Pockets
Laura Horelli / Interviews, Diaries and Reports
Runa Islam / Moving Pictures
Henrik Plenge Jakobsen / J'accuse
Rasmus Knud & Søren Andreasen / Session Work
Lars Mathisen / On/Off The Beaten Track
Lars Mathisen / Cat, Microwave, Tinfoil
Jørgen Michaelsen / Auto
N55 / Book
Mike Nelson / After Kerouac
Henrik Olesen / What is Authority?
Kirsten Pieroth / Reise um die Erde in 40 Tagen
Tommy Støckel
The Impossible Real
Yours Truly

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