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Pork Salad Press was originally established by former
East German butcher A. Zieler, who - before the wall
came down - published East German poetry and political
statements in a small black and white xeroxed magazine
called Minced Meats (translated). The magazine was
distributed as a political/satirical underground magazine.

Later it became a cult fanzine in West Germany and that
is how I came into contact with it. I met Andreas Zieler
through friends by coincidence in Berlin in 1994, and since
I was a curator and also interested in publishing, I found
his way of working fascinating.

I had previously worked at Grand Entertainments and
wanted to establish my own company, so I talked to
Andreas and he agreed to launch a collaboration. The
first books, we published together, were by former
East German critics such as Heino Müller and Michael

Since I wanted to do more art oriented publications, I
began asking younger German and Danish artists to
contribute with drawings and texts to a magazine. This
was the first step towards a recreation of Zieler's
magazine and of course I called the new artist fanzine
Minced Meat.

The collaboration ended in the summer of 1997, when
Zieler died (age 64) of a heart attack. Since 1997, I
have been interested in publishing and producing both
CDs and books.

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